Friday, April 16, 2010

Biggest Loser Back From Vacation and Time to Get After It!

Suzi is back from Florida and more motivated than ever to make some serious headway! Overall, she did great while away from home and training at PhysicallyFit. Suzi worked out numerous times while in Florda and was very pleased with her eating. We did not have an offical weigh in for two weeks and when she stepped on the scale Tuesday she was down 4 pounds! Great job and I am very proud of her for doing so well while away. She could have easily thrown in the towel and not have exercised and put whatever she wanted to in her mouth. But, she did not! Excellent job!

Now, on to this week. We had a long talk on Tuesday after her training session about getting very serious if she wants to do this. No more easy workouts, no half way on the eating. All or nothing! You can not out train a bad diet, so don't even try it. We planned out her entire week of eating. When and what to eat for breakfast, mid-morning snack on the way to see me, what to eat on the ride home, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. All great stuff that needs to be planned in advance if you want to succed long term.

I have never seen Suzi work so hard in the gym since we have started and we are 6 weeks in the books, half way point this week. I saw her pushing harder than ever, sweating more than ever and making faces I have not seen before. She did more cardio this week each day and did what I asked of her. Minimum of 25 minutes per session and some days were twice a day.

Major accomplishments for the week. First modified push ups on the ground. All other had been band assisted on elevated on the Smith machine. Suzi has a hard time getting up and down from the ground so floor based exercises are tough to do with her. We are getting there. Also, did our first set of real crunches. I am not a big fan of them, we usually do planks and variations of them. Wanted to show her though that she could crunch up though. Second task completed for a milestone, tire flips. She did not think she could but told her she could and she did it. Third and greatest accomplishment since we started training is jogging!! Awesome! After her stair climb in Hartford she has a lot more confidence in doing things she said she could not do. Made up some great intervals yesterday where we did tire flips, band upper body work, overhead medicine ball slams and a 2 minute jog outside.

Great week overall and no set backs to report!

Here is this last weeks NBC CT update.

Until next week,

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Week one vacation update for Suzi, our biggest loser contestant

It has been one week today since Suzi got to Florida for her 10 day trip. We missed our last workout before she left due to the heavy rains that occured throughout the state last Tuesday. We missed our official weigh in that day so not sure where we stand on the weight this week.

Suzi left for her trip in a very positive state of mind for continuing her exercise regimen and vowing to eat as well as possible. After the email I received today, I would say things are going pretty well.

I overnighted bands and a workout routine for Suzi to follow once in Florida. She did join a gym for the 10 days she is down there for $75. This way she has a place to do cardio in addition to her oustide activities. The workout I sent her consisted of alot of band work, which we have been progressing on, core work, squats and deadlifts and some arm work. I want her doing cardio two times a day every other day and pushing herself daily on her beach walks.

Suzi went to the vitamin shope and purchased a large container of whey protein to eat before and after her workouts and for a healthy snack. She is eating alot of veggies and friends have said that she is not eating enough, but they are Italians! She thinks she may be down a pound or two, which I think is great, considering she is on her own for the first time with endless opportunities to eat whatever she wants and not exercise. Looking forward to getting back on track next Tuesday and kicking it up a notch.

Below is the link from this weeks airing of Connecticut's Biggest Loser on NBC CT if you missed it last night.