Thursday, September 10, 2009


Breakfast: 1egg and 4 egg white omelette w/ arugula, scallion, mushrooms and 3 T feta cheese, 6 slices of extra thin turkey bacon(2 slices = 30 cals! made by butterball and gets crispy like real bacon, i totally recommend it!! make sure you get the extra thin kind) 1 cup honeydew

Snack: vanilla advocare shake w/ 1/2 banana

Lunch: 1 cup lowfat cottage cheese w/ 1/3 cup crushed pineapple

Snack: Grande nonfat unsweetened green tea latte (the key is to make sure they put no sugar syrup in it at all, reduces the drink by 80 cals!)

Dinner: Grilled Chicken salad w/ zucchini, cucumbers, 2 T feta, tomatoes, green peppers, lowfat chianti dressing 2 glasses white wine

Exercise: 1hr. Personal Training session (lots of bandwork) 1:1 intervals on spinning bike

Water: 36 oz

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September 8th

Ok, I'm back, this weekend was so hectic with work I barely had a chance to even look at my computer, but I think the craziness is over and I can really focus on getting my body into gear!! I do have to say that even with all the work I did over the weekend, I was still able to get in my Saturday morning Bootcamp and a 15 mile run on Monday!! Food could have been better, I'm not going to lie, but I tried to focus on eating proteins mixed with good carbs and healthy fat. Now here is what today looked like, and this was tough because I had to wake up at 530 am to get into the city so it threw off my eating schedule. I want to learn how to fix that, it's tough when you are working late or waking up super early sporadically (sp??) and not on a consistent basis. If anyone has suggestions as to how they cope with eating healthy on a weird schedule please do tell!! I would have had a Shake for breakfast but i'm all out and waiting for more to come in!!!
B: cup of coffee w/ 1% milk (soooo not healthy but what can I say, at least I didn't go for a muffin!)

S: apple w/ 1 part skim cheese stick

L: Salad w/ grilled chicken, portobella mushrooms, cucumbers, tomato, onion, broccoli, peppers, spinach 2 T basil vinaigrette

S: 1 cup lowfat cottage cheese w/ 1 cup crushed pineapple 2 T sliced almonds

D: 1 cup miso soup, edamame in pods, 1 tuna roll (brown rice), 1 california roll (brown rice) 1/2 caviar roll (brown rice, fresh sushi, no tempura or mayo crap in it!)

water: 64 oz

Exercise: 50 minute bootcamp

Friday, September 4, 2009

September 4th

I have to figure out how to get my other two posts over here, but for now, I will post this day over here and the rest will follow! Today was a long day, started with an awesome bootcamp, then tried on some wedding gowns (fell in love with 2!!) and then worked at the Greek Festival in Norwalk, so I just got home and I'm exhausted!! I wish my meals were better, I didn't plan well for when I was at the festival tonight since I went straight from the bridal shoppe to the festival and I'm usually good about bringing my own stuff, but here goes:

Breakfast: 1 c. oatmeal w/ 1/2 c. strawberries, 2 T sliced almonds, 1 egg and 2 egg whites

Lunch: 1/2 c edamame in the pods, green salad w/ 1 T ginger dressing, 1 salmon cuke roll (brown rice) and 1 tuna cuke roll(brown rice)

Snack: 1 oz dark chocolate and 2 twizzlers (not the best choices I know!) a few sips of sangria that I had to taste test before serving to the public!

Dinner: Greek salad w/ 1 0z feta cheese, onions, green pepper, 3 oz chicken on a skewer, 3 T
Tzatziki sauce
couple bites of some greek phyllo dessert that Bruce got and it was awesome, thank God he ate most of it!!

Exercise: Bootcamp

Water: 64 oz.

Sorry for not having pics but my camera was out of commission, I will have some for tomorrow and will better prepare myself with better food choices while I'm working at the Greek Fest again tomorrow so I don't get stuck munching on chocolate and crap!! Today is exactly 1 year from the wedding, SCARY!!!