Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ups and Downs of Trying to Lose Weight

It has been a couple of weeks since I reported in on Suzi. Alot going on with the business and life, as you all know, it can get in the way!

I have alot to report this week with a coulple of clips to add at the bottom. So, since Suzi returned from Florida we have had a great week, a bad week and just finished another great week. Two weeks ago after we sat down and talked about mapping out her eating, doing cardio on off days, and busting her tail in the gym, Suzi lost 3 pounds. Great accomplishment, got her to 17 pounds lost to date. We did some awesome tire pushes and her first jogging outside. Major accomplishment. Want to get her off the eliptical asap, not the most productive use of her cardio time.

On to the next week, Suzi had a tough weekend at work, only did one day of cardio, and ate bad. She knew, she told me and warned me before we weighed in. Result, loss of zero pounds! Alot of hard work for nothing. Sat down and said, don't beat yourself up over it. It is just one week and work can get in the way of your progress, you have to shurg it off and move on.

Saturday, May 1st. Outdoor challenge between the four contestants. Awesome day and unbelievable job by all the biggest losers. Suzi surprised me and showed me how mentally tough she really is, and how bad she really wants to succeed at this. We had the contestants do a 5 station workout with a run in between each round. Each contestant had to do the 1/4 mile run with a backpack on their back with the weight they had lost to date. Suzi ran with 17 pounds in her pack.

So, we started with the 1/4 mile run, followed by 30 reps of each, kettle bell swings, push ups, overhead med. ball slams, plank, and squats, the run 1/4 mile followed by 25 reps of the 5. We did this for 5 rounds down to 10 reps. Suzi ended up running 1.5 miles and doing 100 reps of all 5 in just under 35 minutes, coming in second place.

I was so proud of her, she did not stop, never said she was going to quit, awesome, unbelievable job!!

We worked out hard again today, she ate great over the weekend, even went to california pizza kitchen for a cheat meal, and we lost another 3 pounds!! 3 weeks to go and hoping and are going to get 10 more pounds to bring her total to 30 for the 12 weeks!! Time to get back at it!

Until next week.



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