Monday, February 18, 2008

First Open Sparta Workout Held

We held our first of eight open sparta workouts this past Saturday from 1 - 3 pm. This first workout consisted of exercises that participants were to do during the week as well as teach attendees how to do a deadlift and romanian deadlift correctly. Everyone also got to try doing pullups from the functional trainer with the assistance of the heavy flexbands.

The workout of the day was:

1. Squat explode (body bar or smith machine)

2. Dumbbell push-up with a body row

3. Forward lunge bicep curl/back lunge shoulder press

4. Incline kettlebell chest press

5. Obliques

6. Ab crunches

7. Romanian deadlift with kettlebell upright row

8. Pull-ups (functional trainer with assistance of flex bands)

9. Deadlift with bodybar

10. Push-ups to failure

11. 12-18 inch box jumps

Format: 2 rounds through in circuit fashion: all exercises were 2 sets/12 reps except abs. Abs were 2 sets/20 reps. Box jumps done only 2nd set for 20 reps.

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