Thursday, March 25, 2010

Biggest Loser Week Three Training

This has been Suzi's hardest week in regards to training, as well as, staying focused on the task at hand. She continues to amaze me with her effort and the drive to overcome her knee pain with the lower body exercises.

She is feeling the pressure of co-workers and friends that watch the updates weekly and say to her, "I saw you on TV again last night." I told her that she needs to make sure that she takes care of herself and not to worry about the others. They are there cheering her on but ultimately is up to her to make this work.

Weigh in for the week. Zero pounds lost, but as Suzi says it is not two pounds gained. Don't know if I like that statement but we did work alot harder and accomplish more core work than I would have expected and the leg work is going great.

Suzi's biggest humps for the week: A couple of bad eating moments, again, when they are bad they are bad. For the most part, getting a better handle on the eating thing. Hard to schedule eating more often and to remember to eat more often. The other set back was only day of cardio when she was not training. She felt very tired on one of her off days leading to no exercise that day.

We will turn it up next week.

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