Saturday, March 13, 2010

Second Week in the Books with Suzi, our CT Biggest Loser contestant

Eight workouts are done. Where are we now? Suzi is down 8 pounds since her initial weigh in. Last weekend was tough for her. Her significant other is going back to Florida for a little while so they went to numerous friends' homes and had alot of food that she should be staying away from. So what happened? Tuesday, she was up 2 pounds from the weigh in the week before. So, we kicked it up a notch with our Tuesday workout, she ate awesome for two days and lost 4 pounds in two days, for a total of 2 down for the week.

Our Thursday workout was the best so far and Suzi was the most sore she has been since starting. We have gone from zero leg work to now doing almost 90 degree squats with no assistance what so ever! And she has had tremendous knee pain of late. The squats have been done with zero pain! Goes to show that once you teach some how to do a squat properly you will be surprised how much one can do.

Accomplishments for the week: modified push-ups, previous workouts, zero! Full range squats with the physioball or assistance. TRX pull-ups. Awesome week to say the least.

Need to work on for the week: Getting extra cardio in on off days and eating habits. This will be the critical and hardest piece as we go forward.

Below is the link to our first weigh in and first workout. Be sure to check it out if you missed it Tuesday night on NBC CT.

Until the next weigh in,


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