Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Alicia Feller Essay

“I hope some day I can do straight leg push-ups,” I used to think on a regular basis. Then I entered the transformation contest for boot camp. And discovered I can do straight leg push-ups. 18 of them before going to my knees to finish out the minute test. Who knew?

The transformation contest started out for me as motivation to lose weight, sculpt my body and become a pseudo-supermodel in 6 weeks. An “outside” transformation. It’s so much more. The internal transformation I’ve under gone is just as important as the external. I used to think I couldn’t fit more than 2 workouts in a week. I’ve been doing 3, usually 4 and discovered it’s easy when it’s a priority. I’ve upgraded to the purple band, heavier weights, adding advanced moves when I used to think, “I can’t.” That’s not an option for me anymore. I’ve developed a positive, can-do attitude and try to share it with others.
It’s the end of the 6 weeks. I’m not the pseudo-supermodel I imagined…yet. The transformation doesn’t stop here for me. I will continue. My clothes are looser, several people told me they see weight loss, and my boyfriend sees definition in my shoulders and abs. I’m stronger. My body can do anything I put my mind to! There’s been transformation externally, and equally so, internally. All of those things, plus the confidence I’ve developed and knowledge of what my body can, and will do, make me the winner of the transformation contest. See you all on the pseudo-supermodel runway!

Alica Feller

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