Monday, March 14, 2011

Eamon O'Connor Essay

Transformation Contest Essay - Physically Fit Bootcamp

March 11, 2011

I entered the transformation contest with the desire to participate in a "fun" event held by Jodi and Chris. I didn't know what to expect, but figured a physical challenge is always worthwhile. I knew that I could lose some weight, but would the amount be big enough? As weight isn't the only measure, it made the event more interesting.

The initial testing stage set the bar for me. I usually take class three days a week. After class, regardless of intensity, I push myself to do 30 straight leg push-ups. I was surpassed by a number of people in the push-ups in the initial testing phase, which put my competitive mode in gear.

Since the initial testing I've pushed to get stronger. I raised the after class push-ups to 40, 45, then 50 and am still trying to go higher. Then do one minute of squats and usually get 50 in. This gets done no matter what intensity class is. I know my competitive nature has kicked in and am pushing myself to do better. I am using heavier weights and trying to do all exercises at the highest level. I definitely feel in better shape than before the contest began!

My daughters say I should win the contest "because I do push-ups and squats after each class." I don't think that I will win on the weight loss, but I am hopeful that based on measurements and push-ups and squats that I will be pushing to the top.


Eamon O'Connor

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