Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Talia Fedorowich Essay

While sitting in a bar having a beer and eating a pizza with my husband, I
bumped into an old friend. Out of nowhere, she suggested that I consider
joining her in the Transformation Contest at Physically Fit. Well maybe it
wasn't out of nowhere, considering I was eating pizza and drinking beer - she
probably thought she was rescuing me! 7 Weeks later and looking back, truth is,
I think she was.

Long time ago, I was a Division One college athlete in the best health and shape
anyone could ask for. I loved the energy I had, the way I felt inside and out
and the way I looked, what woman doesn’t like to be happy with the way she
looks, right? It didn’t come easy, training, exercise, and good nutrition takes
work, but it was a commitment I made to myself and my team.

Somewhere along the road, I lost some of that. Everyone is busy, everyone has
competing priorities and I am just like everyone else in that sense, but I lost
the commitment and the motivation to feel good about my body. With my 5 year
wedding anniversary approaching this spring, my husband and I booked a trip to
the Caribbean, the first big trip we will be taking since our honeymoon.
Completely elated to be getting away, but the shock set in – I will need to be
seen by others in a bikini!

So my journey to become physically fit began, thanks to my friend Samira and
that night in the bar. Although I was so sore I could not walk for nearly a
week when I started, my commitment never faltered; my motivation to get myself
back to the place of feeling good inside and out was always in sight. While the
seven weeks are over and behind me, the road in front of me is clearly marked.
I am so happy to have found this program at Physically Fit and that Chris and
Jodi have welcomed me in. I can feel my strength, I can see my toned arms and
legs, and I am wearing my clothes (and soon, that bikini!) more proudly; I see
none other than this feeling continuing.

Talia Fedorowich

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