Monday, March 14, 2011

Terri O'Connor Essay

Physically Fit Transformation Contest
March 9, 2011

I entered the transformation contest because I was in need of a challenge. Luckily I don’t have much weight to loose, but I could always be stronger and leaner. I entered the contest to test my ability to get stronger in a limited period of time. I have been working hard by attending as many classes as my schedule would allow, most weeks I attended three classes, a few weeks four classes. At each class I have been pushing myself, doing the hardest versions of the exercises, straight leg dips, jumping slams, trying not to resort to my knees for the endless push-up sessions Jodi and Chris have been giving us, etc. After every class, no matter how hard the class, I have been doing one minute of push-ups and a minute of those horrible squats. I have gotten much stronger. I started with 30 straight legged push-ups and the other day I did 50! Who would have thunk? I can do many more squats now but I have a hard time counting them as I keep checking my watch to see when it is going to be over.

In the end I hope I don’t win, I hope some people who entered the contest have kicked butt, lost their desired amount of weight and have gotten stronger, leaner and in better shape. In the event no one out there lost a lot of weight, then consider me for the winner hopefully based on the measurements and the testing.


Terri O’Connor

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