Thursday, March 17, 2011

Val Imery Essay

Why do I deserve to win
I don’t know why I deserve to win; I actually think everybody deserves to win. All of us put
a lot of effort in each class every week, some or all of us made some adjustments in our eating
habits, but with one thing in mind; “hope this week goes by fast”.
I know we are used to having a winner and a looser; at least that’s what life teaches us. But I
don’t think it’s always like that.
I wouldn’t like to be in the position of choosing “A” winner, for me we are all winners as of the
moment we made the commitment of living a healthier life.
I just want to congratulate (it’s over!!) everyone that participated and went thru
weighting our selves, knowing how much FAT we have in different places of our body, (as if we
didn’t know) and painful exercises.
To Jodi and Chris, thank you for making me actually enjoy every class, (with or without pain)
That not only helped me lose weight, stay fit and be healthier.
I know I’ll see all of you, because there is no way that we can quit such an addicting pain.


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