Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jamie Ambrose Essay

Since I have joined bootcamp I have never felt better about myself. Bootcamp has definitely made my arms have definition and has increased my endurance. Before bootcamp my arms looked long and lanky, now I actually have some definition which has boosted my self esteem. I am also able to run under 10 minute miles which I am super proud of. I am not looking to lose any weight for the transformation contest but looking to gain muscle, become leaner and have more endurance.

Since the transformation contest ended I can only hope that I have increased muscle mass and also have become a little leaner. I believe that I have become stronger due to my increase in dumbbell and kettle bell weights and have been practicing my straight leg pushups at home to get stronger. I am also determined to get stronger and have more endurance for the Tough Mudder that is coming up.

I don’t really deserve anything from this contest but a pat on the back for the commitment I have made to myself. I come to bootcamp 4 to 5 times a week which shows how dedicated I am to myself to get in better shape.

Coming to bootcamp and seeing how fit everyone is and is getting has kept me motivated, not to mention the awesome trainer’s good music and ever changing workouts! Bootcamp is by far the best way to get and stay in shape!

Thank You Jodi and Chris.

Jamie Ambrose

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