Thursday, March 17, 2011

SC Essay

Hi there. I wanted to take a moment of your time to introduce you to The New Me. She isn’t perfect, but she’s a lot better than The Old Me. The transformation has begun over the last 7 weeks or so, and progress is being made. The New Me looks better, feels better, and has a much better attitude about fitness and health than The Old Me.

In terms of fitness, The New Me has been making it to bootcamp much more often (3-plus times a week for 6 of the 7 weeks of the contest). Unlike The Old Me, she gets on the treadmill on days when she’s not at bootcamp and swings kettlebells in her basement, even when no one is looking. She feels stronger and healthier in every aspect of herself.

In terms of lifestyle, The New Me has changed her eating habits completely. Only in the more rare occasion will she have sweets (she had one tiny bite of wedding cake at a recent friend’s wedding; you’ll forgive her). She’s switched to a high protein, low carb diet and feels so much better for it. While The Old Me would go to work dinners a few nights a week and drink beers, eat fried appetizers and pasta entrees, The New Me has a glass of red wine, lightly dressed salad and a healthy protein for an entrée. What a difference that makes!

Overall, The New Me is making progress. She has started on a journey and has finally mentally grasped that the goal of physical fitness IS attainable. She plans to continue making these strides and will not turn back. You will not be seeing The Old Me again! In fact, The New Me feels so rewarded with her journey already, that if she wins the contest she would like Jodi and Chris to donate her winnings to a charity close to her heart. That will make this contest doubly gratifying.


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