Friday, December 30, 2011


2. Jeff Davis

1. How long have you been coming to PhysicallyFit?
2 ½ years. Since July 2009.

2. What were your goals when you started?
My goal was to find a group training environment that would continually challenge and motivate me to become stronger, faster and leaner. Pushing myself to new levels is great, but equally important is not to lose ground as I age by maintaining a healthy weight, flexibility, strength, and agility.

3. What results have you seen in yourself? What have others seen?
I feel great! I can honestly say I’m in the best shape of my life. I was never an athlete as a child, but I feel like it now. Although appearance is a secondary goal, it is always great to have clothes fit better, and to have your friends and family recognize you as being in great condition.

4. What is your biggest motivator?
I am inspired by Chris, Jodi, my great fellow bootcampers, and sometimes by fear. When training up for an event like Tough Mudder, I am motivated by a healthy dose of fear of the unknown, and of the challenges ahead of me.

5. What other accomplishments have you achieved outside of bootcamp this year? (i.e., Outside exercise habits or activities, nutrition habits, races, etc. )
Outside of bootcamps, I regularly run and lift weights as a complement to the bootcamp training. I completed my second Tough Mudder in November with the awesome PhysicallyFit team, and ran in the Sprint for Monroe back in April.

6. What does being nominated for Bootcamper of the Year mean to you?
It’s a great feeling to be recognized as a dedicated bootcamper! I look forward to bootcamps as much for the camaraderie as the workout itself. It’s great to be a part of such a motivated bunch of people that are all working to improve their health and fitness.

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Diana D. said...

I vote for Jeff Davis !!!! Please tell me there is no disclaimer such as "Immediate Family members are not allowed to participate".. Ha ha... Good luck to all 10 inspirational contestants. You are all winners.....