Friday, December 30, 2011



1. How long have you been coming to PhysicallyFit?
I started in January of 2008. I was desperate to find a bootcamp class, and located PhysicallyFit online. It was located in Huntington Center at the time, which was close. I called up to inquire about the schedule, and Jodi called me right back, encouraging me to try that evening’s class. I did, and I don’t think I’d ever been more overwhelmed by my own inadequacy in my life, but all that was internal, Jodi and Chris were so encouraging and positive that I was hooked and knew that this was surely the exercise regime I was looking for. It took me about a week and a half to heal enough to attempt a second try, though.

2. What were your goals when you started?
At first I just wanted to lose weight. I didn’t think that my endurance was too bad because I did a little running. But once I started coming, each class held a challenge. Getting through one Burpie gradually became 10, knee push-ups became toes. I never lacked an improvement objective! I still think about weight loss as a goal, mainly because it’s been in the forefront of my conscience for so long, but being strong, healthy and feeling great is what keeps me coming back to class.

3. What results have you seen in yourself? What have others seen?
I’ve seen my physical shape change. I’ve gone from a size 14 to a size 10. I was close to not being able to find clothes in my favorite stores anymore, as I edged out of their sizing range. Now, I not only can find clothes more easily, but I’m not limited by those few certain cuts and styles that were, if not flattering, then provided good camouflage.

My husband, family and friends have all noticed the change over time. They noticed weight loss first, but it has felt great, too when they’ve caught me in a stretch (accidental?) and mentioned how toned my arms and shoulders look.

4. What is your biggest motivator?
Really, the thing that motivates me the most to keep coming to bootcamp is that I don’t want to lose any strength or endurance I’ve built up so far! Besides being fun and a great chance to see my bootcamp friends, I love the fact that I can meet or plan to meet the challenges that Jodi and Chris create for us.

5. What other accomplishments have you achieved outside of bootcamp this year? (i.e., Outside exercise habits or activities, nutrition habits, races, etc.)
Coming to PhysicallyFit means that you are surrounded by people who are dedicated to being healthy and strong. I’ve learned about ‘eating lean’, ‘eating Clean’, and ‘eating raw’ from others in class, and then read more on them on my own. I try to eat raw (which is clean and lean!) during the day, then have a more traditional dinner meal with my husband. I think this, along with bootcamp 4-5 times per week is what has made the most difference in how I feel and look.

6. What does being nominated for Bootcamper of the Year mean to you?
You know, it would be a tremendous honor to be named Bootcamper of the Year! It would also be a tremendous honor to attend my next bootcamp class with Bootcamper of the Year. I love coming to PhysicallyFit. I love the results I’ve gotten and I cherish the relationships that I’ve developed with the people I see there! If I’m named Bootcamper of the Year, how could it get any better?

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