Friday, December 30, 2011



1. How long have you been coming to PhysicallyFit?

I have been coming to Physically Fit for about five years.

2. What were your goals when you started?

I was trying to lose that last bit of baby weight after my second child was born and after the first class, I knew Physically Fit was the place where I could do that.

3. What results have you seen in yourself? What have others seen?

I have always loved running, but I never really had any muscle definition. After having kids, I couldn’t get away with just running because nothing comes back the same. I was hoping adding resistance and weight training I could get my body back to pre-baby shape. When I was pregnant with my third child, I came to boot the entire pregnancy but still managed to gain 65 pounds. I felt a little insecure that I wouldn’t be able to lose it a third time. I took it one pound at a time. Seeing everyone at boot gave me confidence and I was so happy when I finally shed that weight.

4. What is your biggest motivator?

Knowing that if I stop I will lose everything I worked so hard to attain and coming to boot and seeing my friends

5. What other accomplishments have you achieved outside of bootcamp this year? (i.e., Outside exercise habits or activities, nutrition habits, races, etc. )

Tough Mudder, Ragnar Relay, Merrill Down and Dirty, several 5ks. The highlight for me was running a 5k with my six year old daughter.

6. What does being nominated for Bootcamper of the Year mean to you?

Everyone at boot is an inspiration. They all motivate me to push myself, so it’s a real honor.

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